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11 September 2008 @ 17:46
New blog at: haandkraft.blogspot.com  

 I have decided to change my blog.
 I will be posting at www.haandkraft.blogspot.com in the future.

 I hope all my readers will welcome the change and keep reading about my projects.
 The new blog will feature more authors, than just me... the benefit of this will of course be more frequent updates.

 As at teaser i offer you this picture of my latest project!

(Anonym) on 11. Januar, 2011 11:41 (UTC)
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(Anonym) on 14. April, 2011 11:28 (UTC)
Looking forward to make a contribution
Hi - I am really happy to discover this. Good job!
kohowold on 16. April, 2011 01:53 (UTC)
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